Product review for HEALiNK DC 12V 68LPM Permanent Magnetic Air Compressor Pump for Fish Pond Hydroponics Aquaculture Oxygen

Product Features:
1.No need of oil,normal noise and energy consumption need the demands of enviromental protection.
2.Adoptions of pound-resisting diaphragms,high grade of ball bearings,and balance centrifugal shaftes ensure the pump to work long.
3.Used to provide oxygen to the living fishes in vehicles,markets and restaurants.

Technial Specifications:
*Model: MPQ-903
*Voltage: 12V
*Power: 35W
*Pressure: 0.068MPa
*Output: 68L/min
*Diameter of mouth: 10mm
*Divider: 6 outlets
*Overall Dimension (cm): 220 X 110 X 140mm
Safety Warnings:
1.Check the supplied voltage accords with the requirement.
2.Keep it from put into water,insolation and hit to ensure its normal life.
3.Place the pump above water level to protect water from flowing backwards,otherwise it should be fit with a non-return valve.

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