Product review for Pingkay Free Media 4-stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt UV Sterilizer for Aquarium 265 GPH Builtin Pump Kit Canister

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4 stages of filtration(Some customer complained to us that our fiters have only 3 stages,please note:the draining tray cover is the first stage,so they are 4-stage filters,that is right,if you mind,please don't buy it)
Max Flow Rate: 265 GPH (1000L/h)
Hose size: 3/4"
Max-H: About 4.6 feet
110-120V 50-60Hz
Removes debris from water surface
Dimensions: 9"x 9"x 17.5" (Length x Width x Height) Measurement are in inches.
(1) Input and Output Discreteness
(1) Barrel Head
(1) Main Canister Body
(1) Draining Tray Cover
(3) Draining Filtration Trays
(1) Output Curvy Bar
(1) Input Curvy Bar
(2) Connected Bars
(2) Spray Bars
(1) Spray Bar Cover
(3) Input Bars
(1) Input Cover
(4) Strong suction
(3) white-fine Pad Cottons pads
1lb activated carbon in mesh media bag
(1) 1lb ceramic rings in mesh media bag
(1) 40 pieces of bio-balls
(1) Blue coarse filter sponge

Please notice all canister filters go through water pressurize test before boxing by the manufacture to ensure there are no leaking. There maybe condensation still trap inside the filters. Please be assured

Please note:
The water will be not clear at once for the first time to use,
you need to wait for 1-2 days patiently,then all the impurity or dirty things
will be filtered out.Hope you can understand.

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